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PTA Newsletter – October 24

Volume 8  Get The “Scoop” from Your Kids Teacher Edition  |  Oct. 24, 2017

Upcoming Events October 24th – November 6th:

Weekly News

Pete’s aPizza – Tomorrow!!!

Don’t forget,dine in or take out at Pete’s New Haven Style aPizza Wednesday anytime between 11:00 – 9:30pm and mention Glebe Elementary when you order; and the PTA gets 25% of the proceeds!

Volunteers Needed!!!

Glebe Garden Committee – Oct 29th

Kids and adults are needed to join the volunteer effort to help beautify Glebe! On Sunday, October 29th  from 9 am – 12 pm the Glebe Garden Committee will be doing a day of planting. Bring your gloves and a shovel!

Original Works – Nov 10th & Dec 13th

Your child(ren) are currently creating a beautiful piece of art for the Original Works program. We are looking for volunteers in November and December to help us organize the orders and disseminate the projects when they come in.

Book Swap – Nov 13th, 14th & 15th

First, bring in your gently used books to the Glebe lobby from November 9 – November 15 (*please bring books that are kindergarten and up, not pre-school level).  Second, come to the Book Swap on Wednesday, November 15 between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM to pick out “new to you” books!  It’s super easy and super fun!  Volunteers are needed over several days to make this event successful, click here to sign up.

President’s Corner

Do you have broken and unwanted crayons at home? Do you leave restaurant crayons on the table after one use? Now you can recycle these at Glebe! We are collecting broken and unwanted crayons for The Crayon Initiative. They take unwanted crayons, remanufacture them, and donate them to children’s hospitals, art programs, and schools. The wax from crayons is not biodegradable, so The Crayon Initiative supports environmental efforts by diverting crayons from landfills.  There are collection jars in each classroom and a large collection bin in the front office. This year Glebe has already sent in our first shipment of 27 pounds of crayons!  Learn more at or contact Monica Irvine ( with any questions.

Thanks to Grace Ann Bourne for coordinating a smooth and organized picture day!! Thanks to Michele Reddan, Kirryn Hodda and Rozita Kozar for helping manage a busy day and to our local Starbucks for donating coffee for our volunteers!!

Hope everyone had a blast at our Fall Potluck and Movie night! A special thank you to 1st grade moms Allison Collins and Lauren Wisniewski for a superb night! Thanks to all the families who donated food and pizza money and volunteered their time to make a fabulous night!

Message From The Principal

Dear Parents,

Tardiness is a concern at Glebe Elementary School.  I am writing this letter to ask our Glebe family to do better and to be sure that you have your child(ren) at school on time and ready to learn.  Tardiness creates a problem not just for the child who is tardy but for all the children in the class and for the teachers who have to edit attendance and often repeat very important morning messages.  We think of all of our instructional time as being a precious resource.  Consequently we view chronic tardiness as a serious problem.

Along with tardiness, we also have students who are frequently absent or picked up early.  We ask that appointments are scheduled outside of school time and that students are only absent are only when necessary.

When children come to school late, they often feel awkward entering the classroom in the middle of instruction, we forget that feeling as adults, but it can be very stressful for children.  Other students stop listening, look at the child, and wonder why the child is late.  Now, the teacher must recapture their attention and review before moving on.  Being late or leaving early from school could also conveys the message to students that school and education is not important.

Please support your child in ensuring that students make the maximum use of class time and learn to be punctual.  Students are escorted to classroom at 8:50, this allows them to be unpacked, checked in and ready for learning at 9:00 am.  You are welcome to drop your child(ren) off at Glebe by 8:40.  Students either line up in the cafeteria (grades 3-5) or the gymnasium (K-2) and are supervised by adults.

If you are dropping your child off at the school and you do not see patrols in the crosswalks or in the kiss and drop, you are late.

When students arrive late or are picked up early:

* They miss out on the morning routine that sets up success for the rest of the day, or they miss out on important end of the day information.

* They create a distractions when they walk into the room after students have already begun working or when they are called down to leave early.

* Whether they arrive late or leave early, teachers must stop what they are doing, and refocus the group and repeat instruction.

* For many students, being late sets their entire day up for less success because they are constantly behind and trying to catch up with the class.

An occasional tardy or early pick up sometimes cannot be avoided.  Consistent tardiness and early pick up create the problems discussed above and fails to prepare students for future success in middle school and high school.

Please remember that being on time means being in line and ready to walk into the classroom when the bell rings with their classmates at 8:50 am.

This week we are celebrating the Great Kindness Challenge and it with kindness that I challenge the Glebe community to do better when it comes to being on time!


Jamie Borg


**Finally, last week I sent an email about a fellow Gleber, Henry Glassman, who was recently diagnosed with Neuroblastoma with various ways we, as a community, can support him and his family. I’ve attached a copy of my email to the bottom of this newsletter.   Please consider making a meal, donating money towards laundry or purchasing items from their Amazon wish list.**

Dear Fellow Families,

One of our First Graders, Henry Glassman, was recently diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. For more understanding on what Neuroblastoma is: If you’d like an update on how Henry is doing, the family has set up a blog to keep their loved ones in the know. Their blog can be found here:

Several of you have asked how we, as the Glebe community, can come together and support the Glassmans as they fight for their son. First, you can help them by signing up to provide meals to the family. The link is here to sign up for meals: Please note meals get filled up fast, so please check back often!

The Glassmans have provided us with an Amazon wishlist for things they can use to make their lives a little easier as they care for their son. Click here to access the wishlist: It’s helpful to check this often as items get added and purchased quickly.

Gina and Jon need assistance managing laundry as they focus on Henry’s care. Gina’s brother, John Re, has graciously agreed to be the point person in managing laundry services through Bubble’s Laundry Service in Falls Church. Typically, a family of four a week’s worth of laundry costs $35.00. If you’d like to donate money to help take care of their laundry, please PayPal money to

No one should go through something like this alone. Please keep Henry, his family and loved ones in your thoughts as they fight for him. We will continue to be in contact with the Glassman family to find out what they may need and will keep our Glebe community updated as to any changes in their needs or requests.



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