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Wanted: Your Feedback about “Walkable” Elementary School Zones

Elementary School Boundary Changes

Walk Zone Surveys – Share YOUR Opinion

Dear Glebe Families,

Arlington Public Schools (APS) is in the early stages of adjusting future elementary school boundaries, that will go into effect in fall 2019. As part of this process, APS is engaging the Glebe community, and nearby neighborhood associations, to collect perspectives on walkability for all elementary school facilities. The information will be used for planning of the new school zone boundaries, which are slated for a November 2018 decision by the school board.

School planners are searching for places where they can work with Arlington County to add crossing guards, traffic signals, and other improvements to make walking to school easier and safer for more elementary students. That could allow the school system to reduce the number of bus routes and save money.

These busiest streets are marked in ORANGE on the accompanying maps. If there were improvements at some points on these most busy streets, such as a crossing guard, the district could plan to have more students walk across them. They are open to all feedback, including that residents do not find a particular area to be very walkable.

APS planners have mapped all our local school zones to assist you in giving your feedback as part of this process. The areas in pink on these maps are an existing walk zone for each of these schools. The areas in white are places that might be added to each school’s walk zone. The areas within the dotted boundary lines are within a 1/2-mile “walk shed,” where people are highly likely to walk to school, based on surveys. APS is studying areas that reach out to the edge of a 1-mile circle around each school. Beyond that, surveys show that people are not as likely to walk. There is overlap between the different schools, so make sure to look at all the maps that might involve your street.

Glebe families should provide input about walkability for multiple school zones before March 12th. Glebe’s survey will be closed March 15th.

Please use these online surveys to give your opinion here, and cite your specific planning unit number, if it is not listed, to make it easier for them to tabulate the data:

We will also have maps and paper surveys across from the Nurse’s Office in the Glebe Lobby.  Please turn in all paper surveys by 3/12. There will be a folder in the office to drop off the survey.

Neighborhood associations may also be holding walking “tours” for residents to look at local streets together and discuss the issues. The Waycroft-Woodlawn Civic Association is hosting walking “tours” this Saturday and Sunday (March 3 and 4) to get feedback about walking routes within that neighborhood. Members of the Glebe community who are interested in the issue are welcome to join.

  • Discussion/Walk to Glebe: 12 PM – Saturday, March 3, starting at 11th and Columbus. We will go up Buchanan Street to Glebe.
  • Discussion/Walk to ATS: 12 PM – Sunday, March 4, starting at Woodlawn Park playground, we will walk down Buchanan Street, across 11th Street, and down George Mason Boulevard to ATS.

Neighbors are encouraged to do their own “self-guided” walks and make note of their observations on the surveys. And please watch for notes from other civic associations in our area, that may host events. To review all of the walk zone resources, materials, and maps, please click here:

Please also feel free to share your thoughts and questions directly with Glebe’s Walk Zone Task Group representatives:

Tara Blankinship (email) or Dawn Hardesty (email)


MAPS of School Facilities Near Glebe with Current and Potential Future Walk Zones:

School Zones Near Glebe

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PTA Newsletter – October 17

Volume 7   |   Smile for the Camera Edition   |   October 17, 2017

Upcoming Events October 17th – October 30th:

Weekly News

Odyssey of the Mind

Offers students the chance to hone their creative thinking skills in a team environment as they work together in groups of up to 7 to solve a problem. If your child likes building, creative thinking, working with others, or solving problems – this might be a great fit. Parents, if you like watching your child do these things with minimal adult involvement, you may be interested in coaching a team (training is available). Teams typically meet 1 time each week to work on a solution to a problem (they choose the problem from a set of options). Solutions will be presented at a competition on March 17, 2017. All ages may participate – we are only limited by the number of coaches who volunteer. Come to an organizing meeting in the Glebe library on October 24 at 7:00 PM to find out more (both parents and students welcome). (For more information, check out or contact Elaine Maag at

Glebe’s Annual Book Swap

  • Drop off your gently used books in the school lobby anytime from Thursday, Nov. 9th through Wednesday, Nov. 15th. *Kindergarten and up, no pre-school books
  • The books will be collected and sorted throughout the week in preparation for the swap
  • Come with your kids to the multi-purpose room between 7-8pm on Nov. 15 and pick up a few “new to you” books for your family – all FREE!

The Swap Meet will be held on Wednesday, November 15 from 7 – 8 pm – Glebe Multi-Purpose Room. Help will be needed November 13th, 14th, and 15th for the Book Swap. Sign up here to volunteer! Questions? Contact Justine Donahue

Volunteers Needed!!!

Outdoor Classroom

We will be putting together the newly purchased materials for the outdoor classroom TODAY starting at 9am – Hope to see you there!

Fall Movie & Potluck

Our fabulous volunteers are getting ready for our annual Fall Movie and Potluck this Friday! During the event, we eat dinner and our kids watch a movie (Moana) on the Glebe field. Volunteers help set up, bring food to share and clean up afterwards. Please consider volunteering to make this event fun for all. Click here to help:

Glebe Garden Committee

Kids and adults are needed to join the volunteer effort to help beautify Glebe! On Sunday, October 29th  from 9 am – 12 pm the Glebe Garden Committee will be doing a day of planting. Bring your gloves and a shovel!

Original Works

Your child(ren) are currently creating a beautiful piece of art for the Original Works program. We are looking for volunteers in November and December to help us organize the orders and disseminate the projects when they come in.

President’s Corner

Thank you to all who came out in support of our writers who presented some funny, interesting and unique writings. Julie Madison and Frances McLaughlin once again did an amazing job creating a warm and supportive night. Lastly, thank you to Katherine Moore for hosting, Diane Bok for helping withsound and a special thank you to 3rd grader, Jackson Stoneman, who was a superb host!

I hope to see you at our Fall Movie and Potluck on Friday, October 20th. Finally, the temps are cooling and the bugs are buggin’; it’s perfect weather to grab a blanket and watch Moana with friends. We are in NEED of volunteers to help set up, bring sides and condiments to share and donate to purchase pizza. Please consider helping out here.


Over the weekend, our amazing Glebe gardens volunteers came together to beautify our community by pulling weeds and prepping our garden beds for fall planting next weekend. Thank you to Michelle O’Connor for coordinating a fun family event. Thank you to Stephen Gyor, Kevin Fossett, Dawn Hardesty, Lynda Ramirez-Blust, Rich O’Connor and Robin Crabb for their hard work!

APS is seeking community input on resetting middle school boundaries:

Upcoming APS meetings and information:

  • Career Center High School Seats, Wednesday, October 11, from 7-9 pm, W&L Cafeteria, 1301 N. Stafford St.  On June 29, 2017 the School Board vote on 1,300 high school seats approved adding 700-800+ seats through an addition to the Career Center.
  • Education Center Instructional Focus, Wednesday, October 18, 2017, from 7-9 pm, Education Center, in rooms 101 & 102.  On June 29, 2017 the School Board voted to renovate the Education Center Building to provide approximately 500 – 600 high school seats. A working group will propose two to three options for the instructional focus, including: Expansion of Washington-Lee by 600 seats; Open a new high school program with approximately 500 seats (options identified in ACI’s annual report, 2016)

In addition to attending the meetings, you can find more information on these and other projects by:

  • Visiting the web page “Engage with APS” contains Information about all APS initiatives.
  • Email engage@apsva.uswith questions or concerns.
  • Call 703-228-6310 with questions or concerns.

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