Sneak Peak at the Annual Spring Auction: Hamilton Tickets!!!

Hamilton TicketsWere you one of the 50,000+ people who didn’t get Hamilton tickets for the upcoming performances at the Kennedy Center?

Well, don’t give away your shot.

You STILL have a shot to get two Orchestra level seats. (The actual view from the two seats is pictured below, located in Row S.)

The tickets could be YOURS for a donation of just $100 to the Glebe Elementary PTA, well under the $1,250 face value of these highly desirable seats to the sensational experience that is Hamilton.

Through the generosity of Glebe families, our Auction Committee will be offering the Hamilton tickets as part of the Live Auction, where parents bid to buy items.

In addition, 75 Live Auction Raffle Tickets are being sold this year for $100 each.

The winner of the Live Auction Raffle has the opportunity to claim one of about 10 best auction items BEFORE the live auction bidding wars begin. So those Hamilton tickets could be yours for just $100, if you have the winning “Golden Ticket” in our Live Auction Raffle.

Other top auction items this year will include a Bon Jovi Concert experience, Principal for a Day, an Asheville mountain cabin getaway, an Outer Banks beach condo vacation, a Legwarmers 80s Concert Party (for you and 20 friends), and more!

(And there will be hundreds of less expensive items for sale as well, including goods, services, and parties hosted by Glebe families!)

Live Auction raffle tickets are for sale ONLY to current Glebe Elementary School families until the night of the auction, at which time any remaining tickets will be available for sale that night to parents, friends, and former parents, who often attend our auction festivities.

You MUST BE PRESENT the night of the auction when your ticket is pulled in order to win. (Do you have your babysitter yet?)

Our system is different this year, and everyone needs to register ahead of time. Although our annual party for our community is FREE for all to attend, with lots of non-alcoholic refreshments and plenty of delicious hot snacks, you can buy a drink band for adult beverages in advance.

You want to be in the room where it happens, so make plans to come to the Spring Auction TODAY.

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