August Update

Dear Glebe Families,

 First, I hope this email finds your families well and safe. Like every parent at Glebe, the Glebe PTA has been closely monitoring APS’s announcements related to the next school year.  We will work to provide the best support to our families that we can to help improve the education experience of the Glebe students.

For years, the Glebe PTA has been enriching Glebe students’ experiences either by organizing community events or providing teachers and staff the support they need in and out of school.  We are committed to continue to do that to the best of our abilities.  

In order to address the many questions about how the Glebe community will connect this year, and also plan for the upcoming calendar, we created a survey which you can access here (CLOSED). We will keep the survey open until August 15, 2020 and results will be published shortly after.  

I also would like to take this opportunity to provide everyone some updates on what the Glebe PTA has been doing for the past months since school closed as well as address some questions I received since APS announced that we will start the year virtually.  

Since the school doors closed, the PTA committed to the most urgent issue, which was providing food resources to Glebe families in need, since many lost jobs. With the support of Restoration Church, Our Lady Queen of Peace Church, and the Glebe Giving Initiative, over 40 Glebe families have benefited from the PTA-supported food assistance programs. Glebe is also an APS meal distribution site for children 2-18 which has been a great addition. We have set up a book cabinet outside of Glebe so students in the Glebe Community could access free books during the pandemic.

These initiatives will continue for the time being and we will update you on any changes. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered or contributed to these initiatives.  

Another issue I would like to address is the PTA’s involvement in educational pods or groups for the purpose of educational and childcare help.  It is important to clarify that the PTA cannot form a pod, match families, or take any active role in managing pods. We cannot take on the liability of forming pods that meet in private spaces, particularly during a pandemic.

We also cannot mediate any level of conflict that may arise from the formation of these groups. 

However, there are many resources and news articles that have been widely shared in the media such as School Co-op or Tutoring Club which are serving Arlington families.  You can learn more here if this is a topic of your interest. 

We will also try to expedite the Online Directory update in order to help families connect with each other.  Distance learning creates challenges for many Glebe families, and we encourage you to make your voice heard by contacting Arlington Public Schools (, Arlington County School Board ( ) or the Arlington County Board ( ).Stay safe everyone!


Isabel Simmerman, PTA President

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