PTA Newsletter – January 9

Volume 18   |   Winter Has Arrived Edition   |   January 9, 2018

Upcoming Events

January 10th, 1:26pm: Early Release Dismissal

January 11th, 7pm: Bingo Night, Glebe Multi Purpose Room

January 12, 8:30 am BFF Walk, Ride or Roll to School

January 15th: Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday No School

January 19, 8:30 am BFF Walk, Ride or Roll to School

January 21st 1pm – 3pm: Family Bowling, Bowl America, Falls Church

January 22nd, 7 pm Kindergarten Information Night, Washington & Lee High School

Weekly News

Winter Enrichment Classes

Begin Week of January 8th

Did you sign up your child(ren) for a winter enrichment class? If so, you should see a reminder email for the class(es) regarding location and payment, as classes start this week at 3:45 pm. Please note most classes end at 4:45 pm, but a few classes end at 5 pm.

Bingo Night

Thursday, January 11th 7 – 9 pm

Join fellow Glebe Elementary School families for a night of free fun at Glebe Elementary School Bingo night in the Multi Purpose Room.

Principal Borg and Assistant Principal Clarke-Marshall will once again take to the stage announcing numbers along with last year’s bingo-caller auction winner.


Callers announce a way to win at the start of each round;

Multiple winners every round;

First winner receives a kid-friendly gift card, subsequent winners receive a smaller prize; and

All attendees leave with a small prize.

Want to volunteer? Sign up here to help out!

Family Bowling Afternoon

Sunday, January 21st 1 – 3 pm

Is it cold outside yet? This event is FREE for all who want to come do something active, but inside, at Bowl America in Falls Church.  Come join other Glebe families for a two hours of bowling fun.

The Glebe Elementary School PTA has spots for 120 bowlers for 2 hours, and will also cover the costs to rent those special shoes.

Please reserve your spot as soon as you are sure you can attend. Let’s bowl!  To reserve your spot, click here.

Meals for the Glassmans

Please consider making a meal for the Glassman Family as they continue their fight for Henry.   Sign up here: Make them a meal!!

Thank you’s!

These generous families came and made over 600 power packs for food insecure children in our community.  A special shout out to Shelly and Jason Stoneman for bringing Food to Others to Glebe.   Thank you to all of the families who donated to Crowdrise and purchased food from Amazon to ensure we were able make all of those power packs!  Thank you all.  We have an incredible community.

  1. Shelly, Jason, Jackson and Campbell Stoneman
  2. Tara, Wes, Brixton and Brielle Blankinship
  3. John, Julie, Kaitlyn and Whitney Madison
  4. Lauren, Gavin, Graham and Todd Barber
  5. Carlos Romero
  6. Linda and Oliva Freehan
  7. Dana Rixter
  8. Yanira Umana
  9. Ben, Morgan and Mary Lewis
  10. Heather and Luke Jones
  11. Melissa, Daniel, Owen and Madeline Blumenthal
  12. John and Jake Collins
  13. Jennifer Smith, Jeffrey and Julia McCarthy
  14. Cynthia, Michael, Sara and Lily Evans
  15. Christine Sterling and Oliver Merkel
  16. Liam and Xander Crabb
  17. Mia Duong, Logan and Jackson Lee
  18. Kristy and Elliot Rolands
  19. Doug, Dougie and Mack Hughes and Frances McLaughlin
  20. Cindy, Elsie, Jack and Brielle Scarcella
  21. Kelly and Jordan Young
  22. Heather, Henry, Ethan and Aiden Shinn
  23. Grace Ann, Andrew, Vaughn and Gwenyth  Bourne
  24. Erin Fuller and Colin Leurdijk
  25. Isabel, Eric, Victoria and Ana Simmerman
  26. Megan, Eric and Caroline Mackiewicz
  27. Maren, Will and Zach Herzog
  28. Emily Swenson, Dan and Lydia Swartz
  29. Sheila Herrling and Ryann Lowery
  30. Carter, Sofia and Jill Yasin
  31. Lindsey and Brooke Binstock
  32. Becca, Jack, Alexandra and Isabelle Herndon
  33. Carla, Neil and Gunnar Hermansen
  34. Jack and Daniel Robinson
  35. Jillian, James, Jameson, Jacob and Maggie Carl
  36. Michele, Mackenzie and Kellan Reddan
  37. Sari, Dyan and Asher Greene
  38. Monica, Peter, Pierson and Marshall Irvine
  39. Danielle, Brian, Connolly, Jamie and Damon Quarles
  40. Beth, Lance, Simon and Sawyer Jackson
  41. Alyson, Zoe, Peter and Ava Fliakas
  42. Emer, Nora and Cole Johnson
  43. Lisa, Paul and Cara Bolejack
  44. Kristen Hand
  45. Krissie, Dugan, Kaelyn Hendricks
  46. Anjali and Radhika Bhatnagar
  47. Christina Headrick, Gordon, Zella and Dash Mantler
  48. Adelena, Dylan, Heath and Carla Warner
  49. Jess Kamen, Raj, Tovah, Greyson and Maxwell Shah
  50. Jessica Bauserman, Lewis and Lee Weaver
  51. Chloe, Marcela and Kyle Kalman
  52. Robbin, Catherine and Helena Boyajy
  53. Mary O’Neil
  54. Jessica, Bryce, Emily and Abigail Buckwalter
  55. Kristen de Tineo , Floyd and Jack Mohler
  56. Mark, Yvonne, Annika and Kyle Matsko
  57. Shonna Waters, Paul and Scarlett Waltrup
  58. Elizabeth, Brian, Jackson and Kaitlyn Nowinski


    • Have Box Tops?  You can turn these in to the collection box in the Front Lobby!
    • Please consider bringing in food for our FOOD NOURISHMENT initiative. Cart is in the Front Lobby!
    • Have used crayons? Our broken, used crayons are being collected and re-purposed. Just drop them off in the main office collection bin or in your child’s classroom!

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