Glebe Giving Needs Your Support

When schools closed in March and the Glebe Food Pantry was no longer available to families, neighborhood community organizations joined together to create Glebe Giving with a simple purpose: to provide food assistance to families in need with children attending Glebe. As the only organization specifically created to help Glebe families in need, Glebe Giving has helped more than 45 families weekly since mid-April.  In addition to providing Safeway gift cards, Glebe Giving has partnered with an Arlington food pantry to provide families with groceries and other household items each week. During the spring and summer months, Glebe Giving provided families with $50 Safeway gift cards weekly.  Since the school year began, more Glebe families have needed assistance while at the same time, donations to Glebe Giving have decreased.  Therefore, currently Glebe Giving is only able to provide $25 Safeway cards to families, costing approximately $1200 per week. 

Glebe Giving needs your help today.  Will you help please?

Donate to Glebe Giving using PayPal at  100% of these donations are used to purchase Safeway gift cards for Glebe families.
Purchase Safeway gift cards ($25 preferred) and drop them off at one of the locations below.  Please provide your name and email address with your cards.
·        1523 North Taylor Street – contact Beth Jackson at
·        1405 North Wakefield Street – contact Ellen Fitzgibbons at

Our neighbors’ needs are still great, and your support is crucial.  Your generosity has been inspiring, and it’s comforting to know that we live in a caring and giving community.  Glebe Giving hopes that you will support its efforts once again.  Thank you. 

The Glebe PTA endorses Glebe Giving.
It does not organize or manage Glebe Community Giving or any similar effort.

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