No Fuss Fundraising

We are incredibly lucky we have such a generous school, and each fall, we roll out our No-Fuss Fundraiser in support of Hoffman-Boston Elementary School. The fundraising drive kicks off DATE TBD.  Interested families can return the form and a check made out to Hoffman-Boston PTA to school with their students or submit a donation via PayPal to

We have raised more than $4,000 to date, and helped create a scholarship program for their enrichment program.

Hoffman-Boston has an extremely diverse parent/student community encompassing many different cultures, faiths, and backgrounds, and with the benefits of that diversity also comes the challenge of bringing families together in a way that makes them feel comfortable and included. Their PTA is hoping to substantially increase their family outreach through educational, informational, and social events. The funds we raise for them will go towards their goal of community building within the school and additional after-school enrichment programs. Let’s help them reach their goals!

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