Outdoor Classroom

A major initiative of the Glebe Elementary School PTA has been to support student and teacher led projects to create outdoor habitats for learning.

Students go outside to read and work on a variety of subjects, and they participate in hands-on learning, observing and creating the habitats around the school.

Some of our favorite recent projects include:

  • Clearing the land to the north of the school and constructing stairs to allow easier access for classrooms to use that space, designated as Glebe’s new Outdoor Classroom;
  • Adding benches and seating to outdoor areas;
  • Planting Vegetable Gardens and Flower Gardens in beds around the school, including multiple raised beds;
  • Designing and determining native plant species to install in more wild outdoor habitat areas, especially plants that are friendly to birds and butterflies; and
  • Installing nesting boxes for birds, complete with video monitoring!

Glebe Outdoor Habitats

As a result the projects:Audubon Area

  • Pumpkins, squash, and more are growing every year, giving the students hands-on experiments with plants and biology;
  • Students have had an interesting learning experience as they led and designed multiple plantings;
  • Students have experienced active biology projects to observe and document birds and animals in the areas around the school; and
  • Ultimately, this work paid off when the Glebe Outdoor Classroom because an official Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary in October 2016.

Get involved!

Please contact Glebe Gardens and Outdoor Spaces Coordinator, Michelle O’Connor (email), to get involved. We need to recruit an active team of volunteers to continue moving these project forward. Even if you cannot volunteer all year, we hope you will join us for at least one garden and grounds work day at the school.

Upcoming Events

Sign Ups Coming Soon!

Let us know if we can contact you to help out during fall planting and clean-up days. There will be several.

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