The Glebe PTA Teacher and Staff Grant Program supports student learning in the classroom and beyond by funding materials, projects, and experiences beyond the core basics provided by Arlington Public Schools. The Grant Program prioritizes those requests that benefit the largest number of students possible or to meet a community identified need otherwise unmet by APS resources.

Through the fundraising efforts of the PTA, generous funds are devoted to a number of unique, innovative, and fresh requests from teachers and staff to enhance the learning of our students. Teachers and staff may apply for multiple grants.

In particular, grant applications in the following categories are encouraged, but all applications submitted by the deadline will be considered. Typical grant categories include:

  • Single Classroom/Individual Teachers: Instructional materials, particularly those that can be reused year after year are prioritized, although the PTA acknowledges the need for consumables to facilitate “hands on” learning.(e.g., a  literary series for an in-class library, storytime props, materials for learning unit such a class garden)
  • Multi-grade or Grade-wide: Grant requests that support many students in the S.M.Art mission of the school. (e.g., scales for science experiments, recess equipment ideas, fieldtrips to infrequently visited sites such as Monticello or the Science Museum of Virginia, lab coats for science experiments, assemblies, author talks).
  • Specialized Departments: Administration, Art, Music, Spanish, Gifted, Math Intervention, Reading Intervention, Library, Counseling and other schoolwide teachers and staff should consider submitting grant requests.
  • General Instructional Environment: Enhancements to spaces that engage students (e.g., bulletin board, circle time carpet, reading nook, community/public space idea for hallway, lobby, courtyard, or multipurpose room)
  • Professional Development: Learning opportunities, and then sharing new tips, techniques, material resources, and best practices with colleagues, is encouraged. (e.g. Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages, Chorus America Conference)

The Glebe PTA Grant Program encourages creativity and the empowerment of teachers, and our annual grant projects ignite a real passion for learning in our kids. The Glebe PTA Grant Committee solicits grant applications, determines approval, and allocates funding. This year our chair is Courtney Markle (email). PLEASE reach out to her if you are interested in serving on the grant review committee for next year! This takes a few hours and you get to play Santa Claus to teachers. It’s a lot of fun.

Submission deadline: October 31, 2020

Examples of 2019-2020 Grant Awards

Previous grants have helped to create the “Outdoor Classroom” and paid for projects that brought learning outside. Last year’s grants to fund requests from teachers included these items:

  • STEM Night – Brixalot
  • Magnets
  • Great Kopok Tree
  • Little Bits equipment
  • Multicultural books
  • Encounter by Jane Yolen
  • Yes kit parts (for Little Bit Kits)
  • EiE kit – modified to add an environmental dimension
  • Serravallo’s techniques for writing; complement writing program
  • “Words I Use” books
  • Books — leveled readers

Examples of 2018-2019 Grant Awards

  • Standing desks
  • Vinyl decals in hallway to encourage student movement
  • Classroom library – Scholastic branches series
  • Supplies for counseling
  • Books and book sets for 4th grade Reading Units of Study
  • Books (Lucy Calkins)
  • Math Conference
  • Books — This is Glebe
  • Books for nonfiction reading unit
  • Kore Wobble Chairs

Examples of 2017-2018 Grant Awards

  • Purchase of additional access to e-books and audiobook content for Glebe Library
  • 4th Grade dance smART project (interdisciplinary project involving multiple subject areas and creativity), including sculpture garden visit
  • Support for language teachers to present papers at two professional conferences, regarding best practices in World Languages instruction, and bring back resources to Glebe staff
  • Pilot program to explore more flexible seating arrangements in Kindergarten classrooms
  • Lab coats for 2nd Grade science projects
  • Hands-on lab supplies for 5th Grade science experiements
  • “Zen Zone” in-class library area for a 1st Grade class, to create a space to encourage self-regulation skills and strategies, as well as seed money to build a new classroom library for the newly added additional 1st Grade classroom
  • Funding to support a lead Science teacher attending the Children’s Engineering Convention to access new resources and idea for Glebe staff
  • Additional drum equipment for the Glebe music programs.
  • Update, refresh, and augment classroom supplies, games, and educational tools for the Glebe counseling office.
  • Creation of a larger library of materials to support the Lucy Calkins reading program in 5th Grade.
  • Extended Day proposal to help students create businesses/services to provide to each other in a program called “New Kid City 2018;” funding for end of year water activity celebration.
  • Durable book bags for 1st Grade reading program.

Examples of 2016-2017 Grant Awards

Previous grants have helped to create the “Outdoor Classroom” and paid for projects that brought learning outside. Last year’s grants to fund requests from teachers included these items:

  • New bass Orff xylophone for music classes
  • Books used in new language arts units from Center for Gifted Education at William & Mary
  • Craft supplies for library classes and bulletin boards displays for literacy, reading, and study skills
  • Support for community-based extended day projects: New Kid City 2017
  • Enchanted Learning online license (resources in English and Spanish)
  • Instrumental music bulletin board
  • Science consumables for hands-on learning
  • Picture books for emerging readers
  • Die cut machine and die cuts by Ellison Education for all faculty
  • Purchase of additional new and replacement non-fiction titles for library
  • Bulletin board hallway display expansion for art classes
  • Display rack for Kindergarten
  • 2 stereo/CD players and 1 multiple jack splitter/adapter for audio books
  • Various educational games
  • Fidgets for classrooms
  • Worry dolls and stress balls for counseling
  • Glitter, pipe cleaners and other art supplies
  • Special project paper
  • Cloth book buddy bags
  • 120 number boards
  • 120 mat floor game
  • Snap math – place value cards
  • Geared clocks
  • Underwriting support for a career event for each grade
  • “Words I Use When I Write” resource journals for beginning writers
  • Bookstand, stamps, and boxes
  • Class sets of novels for students to borrow

Our Grant Review Process and Criteria

The Glebe PTA Grant Committee (made up of volunteer PTA members) will review applications and prioritize the requests. Each grant request will be scored based on the evaluation criteria shown below.

Example Evaluation Criteria Scoring
Will the grant support students’ health,
well-being, or educational success?
1 2 3 4 5
How many individuals will this grant benefit?
The Glebe grant program prefers broad projects
benefiting many students to narrow projects
benefiting only a few students.
1 2 3 4 5
Has this individual/group/project already received
PTA funding this school year?
Could the request be funded by other means?
Yes No
Is the request bringing new, unique, or innovative tools, techniques, materials, or instruction to our schools?Yes No
We will attempt to distribute grant funds
between all grade levels.
All PreK K
1 2 3 4 5

The Grant Committee Chair(s) will discuss the requests with the Principal/Vice Principal to consider if any requested grants could be funded from available APS funds. Additionally, the administration must be supportive of any/all possible PTA funded grants for the school community.

The Grant Committee Chair(s) will then present the full Committee with a list of funding requests and this group will decide which are granted/denied and at what funding level. Applicants will be notified and the PTA Treasurer/Executive Committee will be issued a report.

To note, some grant funding requests may be funded through a different funding stream mechanism of the PTA budget. If you think that an item is deserving of an annual budget line item (so that it is renewed annually without resubmission of this grant application), please note this on the grant application for additional consideration.

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