After-School Enrichment FAQ

What types of After-School Enrichment Classes are offered through the Glebe Elementary School PTA program?

After-School Enrichment Classes include a variety of classes targeted to enhance learning in science, technology, the arts, athletics, engineering, and math.

A catalog is compiled which includes a description of each class, the targeted grade level, fees, payment information, and specific class dates.

The courses offered vary from session to session. Here is the current schedule.

How do I find out what classes are being offered each session?

For each session a catalog is compiled which includes a description of each class, the targeted grade level, fees, payment information, and specific class dates. Additionally, a one page summary of offerings by day is created.

Both the catalog and summary are available on the PTA website. Both are sent by email to all parents with email addresses in the Glebe directory and via Peachjar. The one page summary is included in Friday folders.

How do I submit suggestions for future classes?

The after-school enrichment committee welcomes new ideas for new class offerings. If you have a suggestion, please send an email to any of the committee members.

After-school enrichment committee (2018-2019 school year):

  • Jessica Burke & Noor Osman / registration (email)
  • Christina  Caretti /class coordinator (email)
  • Beth Feldpush / class coordinator (email)
  • Jacqueline Lotts / class coordinator (email)
  • Lynda Ramirez-Blust / scholarship liaison (email)
  • Michelle Zlakowski / class coordinator (email)

When are after-school enrichment classes offered?

After-school enrichment classes are offered three times each school year: fall (classes typically start the first full week of October), winter (classes typically start the first full week of January after winter break), and spring (classes typically start the first full week after spring break).

When does registration for fall after-school enrichment begin?

Enrichment sign-ups begin at 8 pm on a Sunday that is announced before each session. They run for four days, until 8 pm on a Thursday the same week. Some classes go quickly, within a few minutes, and others fill up over several days.

How long is each enrichment class?

Each enrichment class meets 8 times unless otherwise noted in the class catalog. The exact start and end date of each class is noted in the class catalog along with any dates there are no classes due to school closures or early release days.

How much do classes cost?

Class cost ranges from $90 to $195. The cost of each class varies based on the vendor or teacher offering the course and any related material or supply fees.

How do I qualify/apply for a scholarship?

Scholarships are available to any student who qualifies for free or reduced-price lunch. Each scholarship is equivalent to the fee of one class.

Each qualifying student may receive one scholarship per school calendar year. A student may be awarded a scholarship each session, Fall, Winter or Spring. These are in addition to scholarship offered through the Glebe theater program for the fall musical.

At the time of registration, please select the box indicating a request for scholarship. The request will be reviewed for scholarship applicability.

My child is in extended day. How does my student get to and from enrichment?

At the time of registration you will indicate whether or not your child is in extended day and whether or not you want your child to return to extended day after enrichment. At the conclusion of registration, a list is provided to the extended day team indicating which children are participating in enrichment classes. A list is also provided to the enrichment instructors indicating which children are returning to extended day after enrichment.

At the end of the school day, your child will check into extended day. After check in, your child will be escorted/directed to their enrichment classes by members of the extended day team.

At the end of the enrichment class, the enrichment instructor will escort the entire enrichment class to the front lobby of the school. Extended day children will line up at a cone in the lobby to be checked back into extended day by a member of the extended day team. Those not returning to extended day will stay in the lobby with the instructor until pick up by an authorized person.

Where do I pick up after enrichment?

You will pick up your child from the front lobby of the school unless otherwise noted.

What do I really need to know about registration?

Registration is open for four days only. There are a few classes that always fill up quickly so if you think your child’s first choice will be popular, be ready to register at the time registration opens.

Please make sure when you sign up for a class your child is making a commitment to take it. Our classes all have minimums we must reach in order to hold them, and if people drop out at the last minute, we may have to cancel the class. Thank you!

What if the class I choose is full, is there a wait list?

If a class is full and you would like to add your child to a wait list, please email Jessica Burke (email): your child’s name, the class your child wants to take, their grade, teacher and whether or not they are enrolled in the extended day program.

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