Extras: Learn Even More at Glebe!

Glebe Elementary School PTA funds many enhancements to the primary school curriculum including:

After-School Enrichment

Sign your student up to take additional classes after school! Explore various interests ranging from cooking to chess, get started coding, delve into hands-on science experiments, or try fencing or karate. There are a ton of choices. A detailed catalog is coming soon for the next session’s classes. Financial aid is available for these classes. Questions? Check out the FAQ.

Art Around Glebe

Find out more about the school’s art program, multidisciplinary smART exemplary project, and current art installations in the front lobby gallery and other places around the school.

Glebe Theater Project

Students, working with the Educational Theatre Company, create an original musical, performed in December.

Glebe Reads and Writes

Find out more about how Glebe gets students excited about reading, showcases student work at Rhyme and Cheese Nights, hosts a Book Swap, and also, puts on a huge Book Fair each year.

“BFF” Health and Wellness Initiatives

Be your “Body’s Best Friend Forever,” with the PTA’s yearly program to encourage healthy habits. In addition, the PTA encourages students to take advantage of bike and walk to school days, assists the physical education team with their Field Day, and organizes an annual Glebe 5K and Fun Run.

Outdoor Habitats

The Glebe PTA invests in creating outdoor classroom, gardens, and play spaces where students can participate in hands-on learning activities, and also just enjoy being outside.

Science and Math

Calling all young scientists! What problem are you going to explore this year? The PTA assists the school each year with a special Academic Night with hands-on learning fun, as well as with the annual Science Fair.

Multicultural Night

Multicultural night, a celebration of diversity and a chance to learn fun facts about countries all over the world, offers families a chance to get a passport stamped at display tables around the school. A tasting of international dishes is also held in the multipurpose room. Students, teachers, parents, and clubs put together displays about countries. Please consider putting together a table to showcase a country that is special to you.

Odyssey of the Mind

Odyssey of the Mind is an international organization dedicated to creative problem solving, and Glebe is home to multiple teams. Find out more here.


The Glebe PTA Grant Program encourages teachers, support staff, and school personnel to submit requests for initiatives, projects, training, or materials to enhance, enrich, or extend student learning. Have an idea?

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