Kindergarten “smART in Process”

Date(s) - Wednesday, November 8 - Friday, December 8
All Day

Glebe Elementary School


Kindergarten explored materials with different viscosity to learn how they move.  Students sprayed watered-down paint with spray bottles, stamped with plungers, painted with brooms, threw paint and “drew” with sand. Students learned that sometimes art only lasts for a short time (sand drawing) while other art can last longer (tempera circle paintings).

Kindergarten collaborative work is on display NOW! Please take a walk to see how 4 classes created one painting with only spray bottles on view in the front hall gallery.  In the Art Hallway you will find two types of collaborative paintings; one done with plungers and one made with brooms, brushes, mops and thrown paint.  Enjoy!

Stacey Lewis, Lynn Westergren and Brooke Jones will discuss the smART program at the December 6 PTA meeting at 7:00.

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