Website issues resolved. Enrichment registration is open…

The website server is back up, and we will be working to make sure that the server issues we had on Sunday at 8 pm are fully resolved.

As soon as we realized there was a problem with the server, we worked with tech support to understand what was happening and to make sure that we got immediate, priority support to stabilize the server as quickly as possible.

Over the next week, our volunteer website editors will take steps to make sure our server configuration is optimized by the hosting company to handle the peak demand of an After-School Enrichment event.

Parents can help us by going ahead and registering as PTA members in advance of the next After-School Enrichment enrollment. There will be some changes to the process the next time and it will be faster for you to check out if you are already a user of the website.

Second, we would love to be able to recruit a technical support guru from among Glebe parents, preferably someone who has development / php experience. If interested, please contact our web editor. Thanks for your understanding and patience tonight.


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