Opt into the Directory THIS WEEK.

Dear Glebe Families,

The Glebe PTA knows that being able to connect with other Glebe families will be particularly important this year. We hope to be able to launch our 2020-2021 online directory during the first week of school.

On August 31, ParentVUE will open for parents to complete the Annual Online Verification Process (AOVP). We are writing to ask families to take a moment next week to check your ParentVUE preferences and opt your children in to the Glebe PTA directory, if you would like to have access to the directory and have your children appear in it.


  • Log into ParentVUE at between August 31 and September 8th. That’s TUESDAY!
  • Go to the Student Info tab on the left.
  • Click “Edit Information,” scroll down and you will see the opt in selection after the emergency release info.
  • Be sure to select “Yes, Please provide my student/family information,” rather than leaving the selection blank.
  • Parents need to opt each child in separately. The screen looks like this.
  • After our online school directory is updated during the week of September 8, you will use the same email address you use to log into ParentVUE to log into the directory, which is accessible from our PTA home page. Or you can go here:
  • If needed, you can request a password also on the landing page for the directory. Enter your ParentVUE email in the email line and then click “need your password?” next to the Sign In button. If you already have access to the directory from last year, you will not need a new password.

Important Notes

  • Make sure your contact information in ParentVUE is up-to-date.  The information in ParentVUE is what Glebe will provide us for the directory.  The PTA will not be able to edit this information once submitted.
  • You do not need to be a PTA member to access the directory; you just need to opt your children in to the directory via ParentVUE before September 8.  We will do another update later in the fall, if you miss this deadline.
  • Your login information for the directory is not the same as your PTA website log in.  You will use your ParentVUE email address to log into the directory, as described above.
  • According to APS, your preferences from last year will not carry over.  Even if you selected to opt-in for a previous school year, you must select to opt-in each school year when completing your AOVP.
  • Please remember, you will be able to hide any information you do not wish to share in the directory.  We recommend you opt into the directory so that you have access and your children are listed, but once you are added to the directory you can hide your address or phone number in the directory, if you prefer.
  • You will not be able to access the online directory if you are not opted in via ParentVUE, so PLEASE try to do this during this first week of school. Let’s stay connected!

Thank you!  If you have questions, please contact:

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