PTA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the goal of the Glebe Elementary School PTA?

The Glebe Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is a community of parents and educators working together to supplement the educational experience for all of our children. Your membership dues and donations will fund many beloved school programs including smART projects, Outdoor Classroom and Garden enhancement, teacher grants, Science Fair, Multicultural Night, Book Swap, Rhyme and Cheese, Bingo Night, student-led theater productions, art and music support, Odyssey of the Mind teams, recreational improvements, and so much more. The PTA also coordinates school supplies, community service projects, After-School Enrichment Classes, nourishment programs, the Be Your Body’s Friend Forever (BFF) healthy living campaign, parent social events, and more. We hope you will join the PTA and volunteer your time to help shape the Glebe Elementary School experience for our children.

How much does it cost to join the PTA?

Annual dues, which must be paid each year, are $10 per individual.  The membership year runs with the school year, not the calendar year.

What are the benefits of joining?

The benefits of being a dues-paying member include voting privileges, privilege of holding officer, committee chair, and coordinator positions, as well as helping fund PTA programs and efforts.  Additionally, as a member of the Glebe PTA, you become a registered member of the Virginia and National PTAs and receive all member benefits.

Dues-paying members also have online access to the Glebe PTA budget, bylaws, and other specialized content.


Go to meetings?

No, but we’d love for you to come to general meetings! We discuss ideas, initiatives, and events for Glebe, and would like your input.

Volunteer or spend a lot of time at school?

Nope! Joining the PTA is not the same as volunteering. If you choose to volunteer we would LOVE the help—but volunteering is not required.  Likewise, if you choose not to become a dues-paying member of the PTA, we’d still be happy to have your volunteer support.

Who can join?

Anyone who has a child at Glebe can join and/or volunteer.

What are the biggest sources of PTA revenues?

The annual Spring Auction and Social funds between 60 and 80 percent of the budget each year. We have several smaller fundraisers including Original Works (sales of student-created printed merchandise), Book Fair sales, and Spirit Wear sales. These all contribute to our events and projects.

What are the major initiatives that the PTA funds every year?

For the past several years, one of our largest projects has been to fund student and teacher designed research projects in Glebe’s Outdoor Classroom space. Projects have included clearing land, planting native species, installing birdhouses and video monitoring technology, purchasing seating, and organizing other work to maintain and enhance the gardens and natural habitats around our school.

Every year, the Glebe PTA runs a grant program that finances the best creative ideas of Glebe teachers. Other major investments have included new technology for classrooms, library books, reading room materials, and classroom subscriptions. The PTA finances student scholarships so that all children have the ability to participate in enrichment activities, and subsidizes artist in residence activities that include bringing a theater company to school to organize a student written musical in the fall. The PTA also finances visits by well-known children’s book authors.

The PTA publishes a family directory, and funds a dozen social events that build the sense of community over the year, including our fun Spring Auction and Social. Many events and activities encourage health and wellness, including the “BFF” walk/roll to school days, our annual Glebe 5K Race, and Field Day. Still other events celebrate our school’s diversity, including Multicultural Night and the annual Soccer Fiesta.

The PTA uses funds to organize the After-School Enrichment Classes, as well as to help offset the cost of field trips and other class events. There’s more – but those are some of the larger expenses in recent years.

How does the PTA choose what to fund each year?

We fund many ongoing projects from the previous year, unless we get feedback that our community would like to try something different the following year.  We also welcome ideas from our community to start new projects. Ideas are brought to the Executive Board where we discuss budgetary needs, volunteer support needs, and how the project can engage the broadest spectrum of Glebe students.  Next,  the PTA President speaks with our school’s principal and brings the idea to our full membership meeting for a vote. If you have specific questions, you can always reach out to the PTA President, here. While many projects are funded during the annual budgeting process that takes place at the end of the school year, community members are invited to bring ideas at any time to the PTA President. Projects are often funded mid-year.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes, we are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, so your donations are tax-deductible.

I’m unhappy about something. Who do I talk to?

Oh, no.  If you’re unhappy, please reach out to Isabel Simmerman, President, here  and she’d be happy to help figure it out with you.

I want to volunteer and get more involved. Who do I talk to?

Yay, we’d love for you to volunteer!  Please reach out to Amy Lafalce, VP of Programs and Activities.  You can reach her here.

I want to find out more about a program or issue. Who do I ask?

Please reach out to us here and we will connect you to the right person to help either resolve an issue, get involved, or discuss an idea you have!

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