Meetings & Records

The PTA meets once a month at 7 pm, gathering for at least one hour.  The last scheduled meetings for the 2020-2021 school year is on June 2.

Meetings are currently being held via a ZOOM link which is sent to members via our email newsletter. PLEASE SIGN-UP to receive our email newsletters, if you want to attend meetings.  When we are allowed to be in-person, our normal meeting location is the Glebe Library and a different venue will be noted if there is a very large crowd expected, such as the the Glebe Multipurpose Room.

Spanish Translation

For many in our community, English is a second language. Therefore, we try to provide documentation to the community in both English and Spanish, when possible and live translation services are offered at all Glebe PTA meetings in the library.

To translate our website, please look for the yellow “Translate” button in the bottom left corner of the page.

Childcare Note

FREE childcare is provided for PTA members at each monthly PTA meeting, when held in person, in order to allow as many members to attend as possible. The only restriction is that the child be potty-trained.

Minutes and Records

Not all items are open to the general public. You may need to LOG IN and be a PTA member in order to view some items. If you still can’t see them, please REFRESH your page to reload the information, after logging in, and then you should be able to access the information.

Budget Details

The Glebe PTA budget for the upcoming fiscal year, July 2021 to June 2022, is available for review and approval.  CLICK HERE for more information on how to cast your vote.

The fiscal year 2020-2021 monthly financials can be found by CLICKING HERE.

Questions?  Please contact our Glebe PTA Treasurer (email)


PTA Meeting – June 2021
PTA Meeting – May 2021
PTA Meeting – April 2021
PTA Meeting – March 2021
PTA Meeting – February 2021
PTA Meeting – January 2021


(No Meeting in December)
PTA Meeting – November 2020 / Presentation
October 2020 Town Hall Meeting with Principal Borg
PTA Meeting – September 2020

PTA Meeting – June 2020
PTA Meeting – May 2020  / Presentation Slides
PTA Meeting – April 2020 was cancelled
PTA Meeting – March 2020
PTA Meeting – February 2020 / Presentation Slides
PTA Meeting – January 2020


(No Meeting in December)
PTA Meeting – November 2019
PTA Meeting – October 2019
PTA Meeting – September 2019

PTA Meeting – June 2019
PTA Meeting – May 2019 / Presentation Slides
PTA Meeting – April 2019 – Outdoor Lab Presentation
PTA Meeting – March 2019 – Stratford Middle School discussion
PTA Meeting – February 2019 – Be Smart – Kids, Guns & Safety
PTA Meeting – January 2019


PTA Meeting – December 2018 – Budget/Business Meeting (Minutes should be added.)
PTA Meeting – November 2018 (Minutes or presentation should be added.)
PTA Meeting – October 2018
PTA Membership Business Meeting – September 2018  (PTA functions, budget presentations)
PTA Executive Committee Meeting – September 9, 2018
PTA Business and Board Election Meeting – June 2018 (Minutes should be added)
PTA Executive Committee Meeting – May 15, 2018
PTA Executive Committee Meeting – May 2, 2018
Responsible Kids Presentation – May 2018 (No meeting notes)
Sibling Rivalry Presentation (PEP Handout) – March 2018
PTA Meeting – February 2018 – Gifted Program, Part 2 presentation (No meeting notes)


PTA Meeting – Planning – December 2017
PTA Meeting – November Executive Committee 2017
PTA Meeting – Be Safe Program – November 2017
PTA Meeting – October 2017
PTA Meeting – September 2017
PTA Executive Committee Meeting – September 2017
PTA Meeting – June 2017
PTA Executive Committee Notes – June 2017
Tackling Technology Presentation – May 2017
PTA Meeting – March 2017
Bullying and Friendship Presentation – February 2017


PTA Meeting – November 2016
PTA Meeting – September 2016
PTA Meeting – June 2016
PTA Meeting – March 2016
PTA Meeting – February 2016


PTA Meeting – December 2015
PTA Meeting – November 2015
PTA Meeting – October 2015
PTA Budget Meeting – September 2015
PTA Meeting – September 2015


2017 Glebe Elementary School PTA Bylaws

PTA Members Only

Please note, there are areas of our website that are just for PTA members. If you try to access a page, and the content isn’t there, please try to log in and make sure that you have paid your dues for the year. Thanks for being a part of the Glebe PTA!

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